The European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD) is a Brussels-based non-profit organization incorporated under Dutch Cooperative Law since 2003. EUCORD operates autonomously in affiliation with the US based NGO Winrock International.

Our vision is to nurture more prosperous and entrepreneurially oriented rural communities in developing countries.

Our mission is to increase farmers’ capacity to sustainably grow quality crops matched to the commercial needs of the agribusiness sector and in doing so, increase food security, develop the private sector and improve the livelihoods of rural communities.

Central to EUCORD’s approach is the development and management of agricultural value chains. Linking farmers and their organizations to private sector demand gives them guaranteed markets. We do this primarily through public-private partnerships to:

  • Build the technical and business capacity of NGOs, farmers and other value chain actors
  • Train farmers on the use of good agricultural practices and new technologies
  • Coach women and youth on income generation opportunities, health, nutrition and finance
  • Identify new business opportunities through agricultural value chain assessments.

Benefiting from the long-term project management experience of our senior staff, we have built over the past decade a strong and reliable project implementation capacity. EUCORD currently employs more than 30 fulltime staff and has project implementation experience in 15 countries.