About Us 

The European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD), formally registered as “Coöperatieve EUCORD U.A.”, is a Brussels-based non-profit organization incorporated under Dutch Cooperative Law. EUCORD is also registered as a non-profit (ASBL/VZW) in Belgium. EUCORD was created in 2003, and operates as an autonomous non-profit organization in more than 20 countries. EUCORD is affiliated with the US based company Winrock International and both organizations work closely together on the coordination of activities in developing countries.

Our Approach 

  • We are experts in creating and implementing public-private partnerships in the agricultural sector, ensuring value chain development and agricultural innovation.
  • We act as a matchmaker between farmers and private enterprises to create sustainable and viable agricultural business models and increase access to markets
  • We develop and implement programs for Africa's farmers so that they may increase services, gender based priorities and sustainable practices into all projects.


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