Country: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Climate-smart agriculture
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Fruits and vegetables
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Kingabwa Rice Intensification Project phase II (PIRK II) - 2015-2018

Donor: USAID

Partners: Winrock (lead), BATIDE, National Rice Programme, National Nutrition Programme, Kingabwa Farmers Association and Cooperative


This project is a continuation of the Rice Intensification Project (2011-2015). In the second phase of the project EUCORD continues to build on the existing relationship with local NGOs and the private sector partner. Our goal is to develop 120 ha of irrigation land in the Malebo pool, demonstrate to farmers the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), and supports the development of a brand for Kingabwa rice (“Ngwele” rice) to improve marketing.

The project supports 2,000 rice farmers and the surrounding community. It has supported the development of several local enterprises, including a woman led rice seed multiplication business, a composting company and the rice marketing cooperative. Nutrition workshops have sensitised women to nutritious preparations for children in particular and 13 Community Nutrition Volunteers actively work with households and local food providers to improve the food security and nutrition of the area.


Thus far, the PIRK II project has seen significant improvements to the deteriorated irrigation infrastructure, and an adoption of improved production techniques. The project has levelled 72 ha of land, installed a water pump for controlled irrigation and established 24 wells for vegetable irrigation. Over 1,200 farmers have received training in intensive rice production techniques including the SRI and received technology packets.