Country: Sikasso Region, Mali
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Climate-smart agriculture
Enterprise development
Fruits and vegetables
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Generating Revenue through Agricultural Inventory credit (GRAIN) 2016-2018

Funder: Achmea Foundation


To improve the income of Malian smallholder farmers though inventory credit and to reduce malnutrition in the Sikasso Region by promoting vegetable gardens. The establishment of a nutrition center and training to improve agricultural practices in the area will contribute towards this goal.

What we do

EUCORD is responsible for improving the commercialization of the cereals in Mali. The primary beneficiaries of this program include 1,845 families in 3 areas, Zantiébougou, Faragouaran and Tiemala-Baniminotié. GRAIN is a two part project focused on improving agricultural practices- by introducing local farmers to improved cultivars and demonstrating improved methods of production and fertilization, as well as establishing a nutrition center that is locally supplied by diverse vegetable gardens.



Three inventory credit stores have been built and equipped in Banco, Zantiébougou, and N'Kéméné and a total of 134 participants, including store keepers and leaders of farmers organization have been trained on inventory credit. Sales of stored cereals are currently ongoing. The project has also established of three vegetable gardens in Banco, N’Kéméné (Zambougou site) and Zantiébougou and provided training on vegetable production to 150 producers (of whom 138 women). Lastly, two nutrition centers have been constructed at Zantiébougou and Zambougou (Faragouaran Commune).The project has provided training on malnutrition screening and nutrition techniques to 16 community workers on screening for malnutrition. These workers have trained in turn trained 348 people on nutrition techniques. The project is working in close collaboration with the CSCOM (community health center) of Zantièbougou and micro-finance institute Soro Yiriwaso.