Country: Sikasso Region, Mali
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Access to finance
Capacity building
Enterprise development
Value chain development
Households reached:

Large-scale diffusion of technologies for sorghum and millet systems (ARDT-SMS) - 2014 - 2017



EUCORD will co-implement project activities in the Sikasso Region and contribute to the overall objectives of the project which are to:
1) enhance male and female farmers’ knowledge of new sorghum and millet production technologies in selected Feed the Future (FTF) communities of the Sikasso Region in Mali; and
2) facilitate male and female farmers’ access to sorghum and pearl millet production technologies in order to strengthen the sorghum and millet value chains in the FTF areas.

What we do

EUCORD is responsible for the strengthening the capacity of sorghum and millet producers to use new hybrids, while also facilitating the access to improved services in targeted areas through the distribution of seeds in small packages. EUCORD works to improve the accessibility and availability of agricultural inputs by strengthening the links between farmers and the private sector. We reach out to larger audiences by broadcasting videos featuring the good sorghum and millet production practices. EUCORD supports the marketing of seeds and other inputs, which also helps producers in the dissemination on soil fertility management technologies.