This year EUCORD celebrates its 20th anniversary! EUCORD was founded in 2003 as a cooperative in the Netherlands by Drs Henk Knipscheer and Pierre Antoine, both working for the US based non-profit organization Winrock International, and Mr Hans Megens, a former Director at Rabobank International.

Over the last two decades, EUCORD has implemented several activities to link farmers to markets in collaboration with private and public sector partners to the benefit of rural communities. Since then EUCORD has gone on to work in twelve countries across Africa, supporting over one million farmers.

With the continued support of current and new partners, EUCORD expects to bring market-led solutions to rural communities for many years to come.


Do You Want to Partner With Us?

If you are working for one of the below mentioned organizations and you are looking for a technical partner with a strong track record in agricultural value chain development, here is how we can partner to achieve lasting impact:

  1. Funding agencies: implementation of projects to increase farmers’ incomes, develop entrepreneurship, reduce negative effects of climate change, enhance ecological restoration, etc.
  2. Africa-based agro-processors: develop contract farming schemes, increase volumes of locally sourced crops, mobilize funding, etc.
  3. NGOs: partner with us to jointly create impact for rural communities.
  4. Farmer cooperative: if you are located in our intervention areas we can support you with market access, and provision of agricultural advisory services, organizational and business skills, access to improved inputs, equipment, and finance, etc.


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