Most farmers in developing countries practice subsistence agriculture.They are food insecure and have no cash income. The lack of a consistent surplus hinders the development of a market. This keeps agro-processors from buying locally, while the absence of secure markets prevents farmers from devoting more resources to crop production.

To remedy this vicious circle, EUCORD uses a Public Private Partnership approach, which allows to maximize impact by leveraging stakeholders skills. We link farmers to markets, supporting their investment in crop production. Our approach creates shared value for all stakeholders and benefits local and regional markets. In doing this, we contribute to a number of Sustainable Development Goals.

EUCORD implements public and private funded agricultural development project, as well as offering end to end value chain services such as consultancies for value chain assessments, technical assistance, organizational capacity development etc. If you want to work with EUCORD, thank you for getting in touch with us.


Through our work, we contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty (SDG1) and hunger (SDG2), the good health and wellbeing of families (SDG3), decent work and economic growth (SDG8), reduced inequalities (SDG10), responsible consumption and production (SDG12), climate action (SDG13) and partnerships for the goals (SDG17).

The public sector supports an enabling environment and mobilizes public resources

The private sector provides a reliable demand for farmers’ produce, investment and technical know how

EUCORD and local NGO partners reach marginal and vulnerable farmers groups and enhance their capacities to produce and manage their organisation

The success of our strategy is reflected in our awards

2022 HEINEKEN Global Supply Chain Award

In November 2022, EUCORD and its partners received a notable accolade for their role in HEINEKEN Ethiopia's Global Supply Chain Award. The partnership, through the CREATE and BOOST projects, supported over 70,000 farmers and successfully improved the production, productivity, quality, and supply of malt barley in Ethiopia. The innovative initiatives enhanced the farmers' access to improved inputs and training, resulting in a substantial increase in malt barley yield from 2.4 tons to over 4 tons per hectare. This achievement more than doubled the farmers' incomes, provided additional food for Ethiopian families and enabled HEINEKEN Ethiopia to shift from locally sourcing 25% of malt and malt barley locally in 2014 to achieving 100% in 2023. According to a study commissioned by IFC, between 2016-2022 the brewing industry contributed a total of 32 billion ETB on local sourcing, saving USD 788 million for the country.


EMRC-Rabobank Project Incubator Award

Shalem Investments, a key partner of EUCORD, was recognized at the 2015 EMRC Agribusiness Forum with the Project Incubator Award. This award honours persons/organizations who helped identifying, showcasing and supporting innovative projects in African agriculture. Shalem Investments (Kenya) helped 1,200 small scale sorghum producers gain access to markets and create significant gains in income levels and productivity. Over the past 5 years, production has increased to 4,000 metric tons. EUCORD partnered with COMEHA (Community Micro Enterprises for Hope Africa), the NGO branch of Shalem Investments,as part of the East Africa Sorghum Value Chain project. Hence profitability concerns were successfully merged with commercial sustainability and rural development concerns.

Innovation Experience Award

EUCORD’s project with Bralima Brewery in DR Congo was awarded Heineken’s internal Innovation Experience (INEX) Award in 2012. This award is based on innovations to contribute to the spread of good practices in the spirit of Heineken’s social responsibility slogan “Brewing a Better Future.” The project was recognized for its contribution to the social and economic development of DR Congo.

Outstanding Achievement Award for Agriculture

The EUCORD and Sierra Leone Brewery Limited Sorghum Supply Chain Development Project was recognized in 2011 by the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. The ‘Outstanding Achievement Award for Agriculture’ was handed out by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

World Business Development Award

The Heineken partnership received the 2010 World Business and Development Award because of its project with EUCORD in Sierra Leone. EUCORD assisted Heineken with the development of a sustainable local supply chain for Sierra Leone Breweries Ltd, the local subsidiary of Heineken in Sierra Leone, to help local sorghum farmers compete against imported grains. The company has adopted an Africa-wide strategy to procure at least 60 percent of their raw materials locally.

Doreen Mashler Award

The EUCORD team was awarded the Doreen Mashler Award by ICRISAT in 2007 for contribution to the promotion of the fertilizer micro-dosing technology and warrantage in West Africa, specifically in Mali.