» Rwanda Report on Maize Value Chain Round Table
Proceedings of a roundtable meeting on maize value chain development in Rwanda. The conclusions focus on the need for improved yields and post-harvest practice. 

» Results from Maize On-Farm Demonstrations CREATE Rwanda
A major challenge limiting the competitiveness of maize production in Rwanda is the high yield gap. This report shows it is feasible to obtain maize yields of 4 to 8 t/ha on farmers' fields.

» Mid-term Impact Evaluation Report CREATE Rwanda
A mid-term review of the impact of the CREATE Rwanda project highlighting challenges and gaps to be addressed.

» Differences between model farmers and primary purpose cooperatives in Ethiopian agricultural development 
A research paper explaining why model farmers have more consistent outcomes than cooperatives in Ethiopia.

» Engaging Smallholder Farmers in Value Chains: Emerging Lessons
A report by the Clinton Global Initiative showing early engagement of smallholder farmers has a significant impact on the success of a project.

» Een bedrijf is geen goed doel
Dit boek bundelt de belangrijkste inzichten over samenwerking tussen bedrijven en maatschappelijke organisaties en geeft praktische tips.

» Global Value Chains: Linking Local Producers from Developing Countries to International Markets
This book discusses the theories and analyses the impact of global value chains on local upgrading strategies.

» Report On The East African Regional Conference On Sorghum Value Chain And End Of Project Round Table
Proceedings of a conference on sorghum value chain development organized by EUCORD in 2015.

» Study on East African Rice Sector
Desk review on the East African regional rice sector showing the potential for growth and challenges of the East African rice sector.

» Cameroon Sorghum Study
Review of the impact on local food security of sorghum procurement by a brewery in Cameroon.

» Democratic Republic of Congo Impact Assessment of Bralima SARL’s local rice sourcing initiative on smallholder farmers
Since the start of the project in 2009, Bralima breweries have helped redirect over $26 million in rice production revenue toward the local economy.

» Mid-Term Evaluation Report: CFC West African Sorghum Value Chain Development Project
Key findings and recommendations from EUCORD’s sorghum project in Sierra Leone and Ghana.

» Indonesia Tea PPP Business Plan
Plans for a public-private partnership program to make the Indonesian tea sector more competitive.

» Sorghum Supply Chain in Sierra Leone and Ghana
This thesis examines the sustainability of EUCORD’s West African Sorghum Value Chain Development Projects and whether project goals have been reached.

» Nigerian Cassava Master Plan by UNIDO
A Cassava Master Plan to move the Nigerian cassava production from a subsistence level to an industrial crop. Nigeria has the potential to achieve its US$5 billion earnings target from cassava products, once the major bottlenecks have been addressed.

» Strengthening Potato Value Chains
This report includes two articles, discussing the role of value chain coordination and recommendations on in reference to EUCORD’s potato projects.

» Development of Green Bean Production in the Office du Niger
Feasibility study analyzing the feasibility of green bean production in Mali.

» Heineken Sierra Leone Case
An analysis of the logistics, benefits, and challenges to locally sourcing sorghum as an alternative to imported malted barley.

» Brewing beer in the aftermath of Ebola
An anthropological case study on the development of a sorghum value chain in Sierra Leone