Kindia Biodiversity Activity

Country: Guinea, Kindia
Project details
Capacity building
Climate-smart agriculture
Fruits and vegetables
Tree crops

Supporting Forest Buffer Communities in Kindia Region of Guinea (Kindia Biodiversity Activity), 2019-2020

Donors: USAID

Partners: Tetra Tech ARD, La Fruitière de Daboya (CFD)


To improve livelihoods of forest buffer communities in the Kindia region of Guinea through the involvement of the private sector in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly livelihoods.

Another goal of the project is to prevent the expansion of fruit production from having a deleterious effect of causing additional deforestation and/or encroachment on protected areas. In this context, this project also aims at sensitizing local communities on biodiversity conservation.

What we do

EUCORD is partnering with Tetra Tech ARD’s West Africa Biodiversity & Climate Change (WA BiCC) program to assist with the Supporting Forest Buffer Communities in Kindia Region of Guinea project. The support is used to:

  1. Engage those that are causing the deforestation, in mango and pineapple production, so they have economically viable alternatives to support improved livelihood (in cooperation with local agriculture services and the Kindia forestry services).
  2. Set up a nursery for mango, pineapple and forest tree seedlings.
  3. Promote sustainable management practices for mango and forest tree plantations.
  4. Establish a plantation of at least 50 hectares of diversified tree species as contribution to the sustainable management of the Kindia landscape.
  5. Sensitize communities to plant and maintain tree diversity through agroforestry (pineapple cultivation associated with reforestation activities).

EUCORD will use a participatory approach that directly involves forest buffer communities in assessing local biodiversity, identifying trends regarding changes in local biodiversity, identifying the types of activities needed to develop the mango and pineapple value chains in an environmentally sustainable manner.

EUCORD is establishing a partnership between La Fruitière de Daboya (CFD), one of the rare agribusiness companies located in the region of Kindia, which presents a major opportunity to help improve the livelihoods of local communities located near forested areas who are constrained by a lack of economic activities and poor access to markets. Collaboration between CFD and local producers supplying them is not currently formalized through contract farming agreements. EUCORD will contribute its expertise, to facilitate contract farming with the overall aims of improving producers’ livelihoods, promoting good agricultural practices and ensuring a reliable supply of quality products to CFD.

Producers working with CFD and key stakeholders working alongside forest buffer communities will be strengthened at three levels: (i) biodiversity conservation, natural resources management (NRM), (ii) good agriculture practices and post-harvest handing, and (iii) nursery development.

Expected outcomes

  1. Improve producers’ livelihoods, promote good agricultural practices
  2. Mitigate any potentially negative environmental impacts linked to CFD’s increased commercial success.
  3. Social inclusion of forest buffer community will be ensured through the sensitization components of the project. Notions on community engagement in biodiversity and forest conservation will be central.
  4. Change local preconceptions and encourage women to get more involved in agroforestry and mango and pineapple value chain development (at least 50% of sensitized community members will be women)