Ethiopia, Civil Engagement Alliance

Country: Ethiopia
Project details
Access to finance
Capacity building
Enterprise development

Civil Engagement Alliance (CEA) Activity 2016-2020


ICCO Foundation


Heineken, Soufflet Malt Ethiopia, Boortmalt, Cooperative Bank of Oromia


To enable and empower smallholder farmers to substantially increase the supply of high-quality malt barley to satisfy the growing demand from the beverage industry & the food market in a sustainable way.

What we do

EUCORD in collaboration with CEA local implementing and capacity building partners provided various capacity building trainings, coaching, refresher trainings on dialogue capacity building and life skills for lobby trainings, working with Civil Engagement Alliance Ethiopia focusing on social transformation through strengthening civil society based on participatory research building and dialogue. As a result, producer organization (POs) became motivated to present evidence based dialogue discussions on issues related to access to inputs, finance and better agri-skills in more convincing and organized ways.


  • Capacity building for lobby has helped beneficiaries to enhance the skills they need to make successful lobby discussions.
  • Smallholder farmers’ access to finance and participation in price setting platforms improved.
  • Youth groups get increased access to land and production equipment
  • Persons with disability associations established
  • New malt barley varieties introduced
  • Access to better agricultural skills enhanced
  • Farmers and aggregators training implemented
  • Warehouse issues solved
  • Face mask and sanitizers were distributed & utilized
  • Access to finance and quality extension service ensured.
  • Meaningful linkage and network for the sustainability of CEA programs are created.