Democratic Republic of the Congo, Technical Assistance to Union of Producers of Kisangani (AT UPDKIS)

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Project details
Access to finance
Capacity building
Market assessment
Oil crops
Roots and tubers

Democratic Republic of Congo: Technical Assistance to Union of Producers of Kisangani (AT UPDKIS) to support access to remunerative and inclusive markets, Enabel, 2021-2022.




To establish effective contract farming with one or more locally important buyers for rice, palm oil and cassava, contributing to increasing household income.

What we do

EUCORD’s technical assistance role with the Union of Producers of Kisangani (UPDKIS) will help to build sustainable market opportunities for rice, palm oil, cassava while increasing households' income. EUCORD will leverage its expertise in this area by:

  1. Setting up a contract farming approach
  2. Operationalization of the contract farming system
  3. Capacity building of the umbrella organization (UPDKIS) in organizing market access for its members

Expected Results

  • Support UPDKIS and indirectly its farmers members in accessing more sustainable and remunerative markets 
  • Build organizational, technical, financial and marketing capacities of the UPDKIS ;
  • At least 3 contract farming agreements between the UPDKIS and large buyers are set up (one for each key crop : rice, palm oils, cassava)
  • Organize B2B events
  • support the participation of UPDKIS to agriculture fairs