Ibihwagari (Sunflower) Project, Rwanda

Country: Rwanda
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Value chain development
Oil crops

Ibihwagari (Sunflower) Project, Rwanda, 2022-2025

Donor: Achmea Foundation


The project’s goal is to improve the resilience and livelihood of smallholder sunflower farmers in Rwanda by increasing crop productivity and farmers’ access to markets and finances.

What we do

In cooperating with micro-finance Institutions (MFIs), the Rwandan Agriculture Board (RAB), sunflower oil processing plants, and selected cooperatives, EUCORD aims to:

  1. Connect sunflower processors to local farmers
  2. Help identify and implement good agricultural practices to ensure better return on investment for farmers
  3. Improve value chain by organizing sunflower farmers into cooperatives, strengthening their production capacity and their ability to connect with larger markets

Expected Results

  • Improved sales and food security for 6500 farmer households across 4 regions
  • Improved management practices for 2000 ha of farmland
  • Average of additional income increase 30% per household/year
  • A 130% increase in sunflower yields
  • Establishment of 10 new supply contracts for farmers/farm organization


  • 2,388 farmers from 13 cooperatives out of 32 targeted were trained in sunflower production and good agricultural practices, 1,264 of them (53%) were women
  • 103 farmers from 13 cooperatives corresponding to Executive committee members (5 persons) and supervisory committee members (3 persons) per each cooperative growing sunflower were trained in financial management and marketing 46% (47) being women
  • 186.55 tons were produced by 13 cooperatives from 3 districts and on 127 hectares of land. 184 tons were sold to market with an increased value of 42.9% on the market (remaining 2.55 tons were produced as seeds)