Increasing Capacity of Smallholder farmers in Rulindo

Country: Rwanda
Project details
Capacity building
Climate-smart agriculture
Fruits and vegetables

Increasing Capacity of Smallholder farmers in Rulindo to supply fresh agricultural products to markets Rulindo and in Kigali, 2021-2022 

Donor: FAO 


The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of livelihoods in small cities and towns through sustainable food production, off-farm value-adding operations and services, and well-targeted market linkages. This project is located in the Cyonyonyo and Gacuragiza marshlands in Rulindo. 

What We Do?

  1. Organize Gacuragiza and Cyononyo farmers into cooperatives
  2. Conduct needs assessment as basis for capacity building and revitalization of farmers groups
  3. Organize water users of Cyonyonyo and Gacuragiza schemes into Integrated Water Users Associations
  4. Train Cooperative leaders on Planning and budgeting, Good governance, Financial management, Gender and cost of production estimation
  5. Train farmers on Good agricultural practices (ToT)
  6. Conduct a training workshop on local water management options, including water harvesting and soil conservation (water users).
  7. Organize study visits for farmers cooperative on Integrated Water Use
  8. Conduct training on governance, financial management and conflicts resolution to Irrigation Water Users' Association


  1. EUCORD organized Gacuragiza and Cyonyonyo farmers into cooperatives. This contributes to the FAO organization objective of strengthening food systems in small cities and towns in order to make these food systems more sustainable and inclusive along the rural-urban continuum.
  2. Capacity Needs Assessment was conducted in Gacuragiza and Cyonyonyo as an important part of the capacity development of smallholder farmers to supply fresh agricultural products to markets in Rulindo and Kigali. As a result, training activities have been carried out in the local community in order to help the development process.