Sikasso Project

Country: Sikasso, Sikasso Region, Mali
Project details
Access to finance
Capacity building
Enterprise development
Value chain development
Households reached:

Mali: Improving smallholder farmers’ incomes and food security through enhancing productivity and market access, 2017 – 2019

Donors: Alliance For Green Revolution (AGRA)

Partners: SOPROSA, AMEDD, AMASSA, IER, Local government SAPROSA, AGRIPLUS, Soprosek and, Sodiaf


To increase income, food security and livelihood among smallholder farmers in the Sikasso region of Mali. The project aims to increase the productivity in the Sikasso region by increasing the capacity building of the farmers and training in post-harvest handling.

What we do

EUCORD is part of a consortium that comprises four NGOs, seven seed companies, three financial institutions as well as local governments. The consortium will ensure farmers are provided with quality inputs of improved seed, fertilizer, good agronomic practices training, post-harvest management training and storage facilities. This project will also provide the farmers with reliable and functional markets. The agribusinesses, chiefly agrodealers and aggregators, will be equipped with the right business management services including financial literacy so as to access finance from the financial institutions that have committed to supporting the consortium. EUCORD will be the focal point for all extension activities.


The project covers the seven circles of the Sikasso region and is in its beginning stage. So far, we have trained thirty-seven agents of which eight are women; there are a total of 27,850 trained farmers and 608 trained Community Advisers. By now, a total of 210 Mother Demonstrations and 27,334 Baby demonstrations have been conducted, of which 2,396 by women.