Basalle Setto

Country: Guinea
Project details
Capacity building
Climate-smart agriculture
Fruits and vegetables
Households reached:

Introduction of rainy season onions in the Fouta Djallon region of Guinea ("Basalle Setto")

Donors: Achmea Foundation


Impact goal: to increase the agricultural income of producers (men and women) and to improve the livelihoods of households.

What we do

1,500 farmers trained on good agriculture practices and post-harvest handling techniques. 325 hectares under imported onion production (150 ha during the rainy season and 175 ha during the dry season) with at least 3,500 tons of onions marketed additionally. The objective is to support farmers in the production of rainy season onions by providing them with access to inputs, good agricultural practices (GAP), as well as storage and markets. The specific objectives are:

  • SO1: Improve the productivity of rainy season onions
  • SO2: Improve producers' access to inputs and finance
  • SO3: Improve producers' access to storage facilities and markets