Rwanda, Uhira Wunguke

Country: Rwanda
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Access to finance
Capacity building
Climate-smart agriculture
Value chain development
Fruits and vegetables

Uhira Wunguke (Irrigate to Win), 2018 - 2022



Achmea Foundation


The project’s goal is to pilot sustainable financing solutions within 19 cooperatives over 3 years for the introduction of water efficient irrigation technologies in Eastern Rwanda. The grant is targeting 19 cooperatives in eastern Rwanda, helping to build collateral, which will allow them to procure the equipment through a loan rather than a donation. The project helps to address market constraints by improving the productivity of food and high value crops, introducing affordable and water-efficient irrigation technologies, and securing financing windows for farmers to gain access to much needed capital. The overall result will strengthen the resilience of agricultural activities and counter the negative impact of climate change.

What we do

The combined services are supporting farmers in solving the unending negative cycle created by the lack of access to finance, to irrigation equipment, and to markets which slows down agricultural growth:

  1. Access to finance: advise on financing models /solutions; linking cooperatives to MFIs; building financial capacities of cooperative members.
  2. Access to irrigation: on-farm demonstrations of irrigation equipment; advise on low cost and context customized water efficient irrigation technologies; linking farmers to irrigation service providers; stimulate supply chain of low cost irrigation technologies, training farmers on use and maintenance of irrigation equipment.
  3. Access to markets: capacity building on agricultural practices to improve production and marketing, management and finance to better access markets; linking farmers to markets/buyers.


In Rwanda, the key objective of the project is to support farmers in gaining access to sustainable financing solutions in order to introduce affordable water efficient irrigation technologies. To date and despite the Covid-19 challenges, Uhira Wunguke has achieved the following results :

  • 80 hectares under improved irrigation
  • USD 174,750 mobilized for irrigation equipment, cold storage and agricultural inputs
  • 18 irrigation systems purchased by cooperative farmers
  • More than USD 800 net income generated per hectare/year
  • 2,058 farmers including 982 women (48%) from 19 cooperatives trained on vegetable production and good agricultural practices
  • 117 farmers, including 51 women (43%) from 19 cooperatives trained on financial management and marketing
  • 18 cooperatives trained on irrigation use, operation, maintenance and management
  • 25 demonstrations established