Guinea, Women Potato Entrepreneurship Project

Country: Guinea
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Women Potato Entrepreneurship Project (PEP-FEM), 2021 - 2022


Belgian Cooperation / ENABEL


The overall objective of the project is to support entrepreneurship and improve the performance of active and aspiring women entrepreneurs in the potato value chain of the Mamou region of the Republic of Guinea.

What we do

This is a separate grant agreement, that comes in as an additional component to the Potato Entrepreneurship Project (PEP), aiming specifically to promote women entrepreneurship. EUCORD will take action to:

  1. Identify beneficiaries and development of a capacity building plan
  2. Build the capacity of active and aspiring women entrepreneurs: financial education and literacy trainings in particular
  3. Facilitation of business relations, formalization of MSMEs and access to finance

The beneficiaries of the project will be mainly 1,400 women producers and their representative groups (UGAS and FPFD), as well as 70 agro-entrepreneurs focused on production, the provision of inputs, processing units or marketing activities. Beneficiaries may be the same as the ones targeted under the PEP, but with differentiated support.


  • Formalisation of 46 MSMEs and creation of 80 jobs, including 60 permanent jobs;

  • 90 women entrepreneurs supported in implementing their business plans;

  • Development and financing of 10 business plans;

  • An increase of 46 tonnes per year in the volume of potatoes marketed by the women entrepreneurs supported by the project;

  • An increase in the area under cultivation of 200ha.

  • An increase in yield from 18T/ha to 35T/ha thanks to good farming practices and agricultural innovations;