Tropical Legumes Project II

Country: Koulikoro Region, Mali
Project details
Capacity building
Enterprise development

Tropical Legumes Project II, 2015-2017

Funders: International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)


To support cooperatives producing certified groundnut seed through the implementation of a participatory selection program of of groundnut varieties in rural areas and support the production of efficient varieties of seed.

What we do: This project is a continuation of the 2007 “Improving the Productivity of goundnut in high-risk areas in West Africa” project. We are working to implement a program of participatory selection of groundnut varieties in rural areas, while also supporting the production of efficient varieties of seed. Our goals for this project are to improve the capacity of the cooperative’s leader, train a network of seed producers to carry out the production of groundnut, and market and test the product.


Despite limited funding, EUCORD has obtained significant results over the past two years. EUCORD staff carried out demonstrations to introduce four new groundnut and cowpea varieties to farmers, trained 160 seed producers (of which 140 women), and produced 4.7 tons of foundation seed and 11.5 tons of certified seed.