Guinea, Consultancy for Cold Storage Development

Country: Guinea
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Consultancy for developing a cold storage platform operating and governance model, 2022

Donor :

Enabel with funding from the Belgian Cooperation


This study carried out by EUCORD aims to develop an operating and governance model for the packaging, storage and warehousing platform for potatoes on the outskirts of Conakry for the benefit of women traders active in the sector.

What we do

This study follows the Guinean potato market study carried out by EUCORD in 2020. It pointed out that the largest flow of potatoes from the area of production in Middle Guinea is oriented towards Conakry, which is both Guinea’s main consumer market, but also a transit zone towards other destinations, such as mining areas and neighboring countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau).

Among the other findings of the 2020 study is the problem of storage in Conakry. Traders, majority of whom are women, say they are recording significant losses due to the lack of adequate storage infrastructure in the said markets, and the study therefore recommended analyzing the possibilities of supporting its creation.

The projected success of improving the functionality of market links to Conakry has led Enabel to consider financing the installation of a potato storage platform.


The final report includes different scenarios involving the following considerations: transportation, storage method/cycle/costs, willingness to pay, storage of other products, management under a private or a PPP model, human resources, hardware, agreements between the manager and lessors.